Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday giveaway

An idea of making a chain of blogs which contains giveaways just comes up to my mind
I'll start that idea from now on :D

I really like the products of this shop, great design for utmost adorable kids

Amazon giftcards

by a Racquel- a great writer

Happy deliveries giveaway 

by A little etsy love and Happy Deliveries
They have many great art prints, go grab your chance and satisfy your cravings :D

Piecefully Home 

by  A little etsy love and Piecefully Home
Picefully Home has many cute prints and towels, go check it out

Ipod shuffle 4th gen 

by Couponing to be debt Free
I crave a collection of Apple's products :D

Great package 

by Little chiel honeybee and her awesome sponsors
don't miss this chance. There are some cute stuff

The Ruffled Begonia giveaway 

by Craftaholic anonymous , Ruffled Begonia. and   Artfully @ Atelier Caroline
The bag from this giveaway truly inspires craftaholic. I'm insane over polka dot, woohoo

love letter pendant 

by Just chic and Holly rocks
If you are addicted to pendant, I'm sure that you won't regret entering this giveaway 

$20 Amazon Gift Card

by The Royal View
I have no more words left yet eagerly speechless

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